Hello my name is Chris Wright.  The lovely ladies with me, are my wife Michelle and baby girl Sterling!  What an experience having a child is!  Michelle allows me to pursue my passions and dreams unhindered.  We own McKenzie Feed and Tackle located in Walterville, OR.  At the shop we specialize in high quality affordable pet food and fishing tackle catered to our area rivers.  We have a nice fly shop, focusing on flies and things you will use or lose during the day.  Leaders, tippets, floatant, etc.  We have a small selection of fly rods and reels.  Along with trout spinning combos, we stock TFO and Echo brands of rods and reels.  We opened in February of 2010.  You will see either Michelle, Erika, or I in the shop.  Erika is a new edition who has been working out really well for us!  She allows Shell and I to have some time off together!

I grew up about a mile down the road from our shop.  I have been an avid fisherman my whole life.  I got hooked on fly fishing at an early age and that is all I would do until my late teens.  Now I enjoy all types of fishing.  

Growing up I had a large yellow Tonka truck out in the front yard that was my casting target.  I wouldn’t settle for adequate I wanted to be the best caster I could be.  Pretty soon I was making my own fly rods and tying my leaders and of course tying my own flies.  What a special feeling to catch a trout on a fly with part of your soul in it.

Guiding for me started out as an opportunity through our store.  Often I was asked if I was a guide.  I thought it would be a good way to help our store and the fly shop specifically.  I didn’t know I would come to love it so much.  I get the best of both worlds.  The store allows me to guide a few days a week and not run the risk of burning out and still having to get up and go again because the bills need paid.  I can be at my best all the time for the customers sake and still look forward to fishing on my days off!

Michelle and I attend Northwood Christian Church in Springfield.  Michelle and I both work part time there also!  I help with small groups and Michelle works at the preschool.  I have a men’s bible study on Tuesday nights that I have been a part of since I was 12.  We have two German Wirehaired Pointing Griffons you will probably meet if you come in the shop.  Bella and Gunther.

I am laid back and easy going.  I will not get upset with you no matter how many times you snag the tree behind you =P.  If you don’t have any experience with fishing that’s no concern at all.  I am experienced and enjoy teaching new people.  Or maybe you need a refresher?  Or maybe you need someone to row the boat so you can fish!  How about that new technique you read about in salmon trout steelheader, we can try that or maybe I have a trick up my sleeve already for that.  I want the trip to work for you.  Please communicate your expectations and we will design your ideal trip.

I look forward to our time on the water!