Spring Chinook


Heres a nice example of a spring chinook from the Mckenzie River. I fish the Willamette for springers starting in the last week of April through the third week in May. Usually by then the Mckenzie has fish and I spend most of my time there. The springer fishing is good through the middle of July.

Fall Chinook


2 fall chinook and 1 coho salmon from the Siuslaw river! These fish are feisty and straight out of the ocean. These fish were literally 100 yards from it. I fish the Umpqua for fall kings starting in Mid July through the first week of September. After that I start fishing the Siuslaw river. The silver (coho) salmon show up in the middle of September and offer more hookups during the day and can greatly increase the action. The Siuslaw fishes well into early November. Thats the trolling in the bays fishery. In mid October a lot of these fish push up into the systems farther and we start using the drift boat to target them. The drift boat fishery goes into early December.

Trout (Wild)


Most of my Wild trout photos are cruddy. No exception on this pretty cutthroat trout. Im always more worried about getting them back in the water safely versus getting a good shot. We catch natives on our regular trips when we have some cloudy/rainy weather and a good fisherman can scare one up once in a while on sunny days. We see them more frequently early and late in the season. April through June and starting again after it cools down in September.

Trout (Hatchery)


The bread and butter of Mckenzie trout fishing. Fish you can keep and eat! Tasty shrimp diet fed trout raised in a hatchery right on the river. Pink meat and taste like trout are supposed to taste! We fry them for you on the riverbank as part of our full day trips. Willing and voracious they make for an exciting day for all experience or lack thereof levels.

Summer Steelhead


Summer steelhead are a special fish. Acrobats and speed demons and trainwrecks. I love anything and everything about them. Each experience with a summer is unique and challenging. No experience required but I recommend doing a trout trip with me first if you are new to fishing. When you only have a few shots a day its best to be prepared to make the most of them.

This is a picture of one of 5 fish we hooked that day.  When we started out the Dad was the only one with a fishing license and the son was along for the ride, not really his idea of fun.  He would have rather slept in.  But after watching his Dad hook 3 steelhead he was questioning his decision to not fish that day.  Luckily we were in a spot we could access a store and get him his license….. 10 minutes after getting his license he was hooked into his first steelhead.  It took me almost 2 years of riding my bike to a local spot before I hooked one!

Smallmouth Bass


Pops with a nice smallie. Big numbers lots of action and awesome fighting fish. I do several fun trips with family and friends each year chasing smallmouth. They are just flat out fun. Often advertised as a 150 fish a day easy peazy trips. I dont like to sit on anchor and drown worms below the boat. So we might only catch 75-100! But we are moving and seeking fresh fish and we catch a lot of the bigger fish that way. And its just way more fun.



Big and strong. They take it personal that you just stuck a big hook in their face. All catch and release until further notice.